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Our three amazing doctors of chiropractic have been working together to get people out of pain for over 20 years and have over 50 years of experience between them!

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 Chiropractic FAQs

Q: Is chiropractic care expensive?

A: We provide effective, low-cost care for a wide range of conditions. We accept most insurance, including Medicare, and will work with clients on arranging payment plans. 

Q: Is it true that once I start chiropractic care, I'll have to continue forever?

A: Once chiropractic takes care of your pain and rehabilitates injured tissues, we recommend that you maintain a periodic schedule of spinal checkups. Periodic chiropractic care minimizes spinal and nerve stresses, reduces recurrences of old injuries, prevents new injuries, and decreases degenerative processes.

Q: Could I be hurt by chiropractic care?

A: The adjustment process is a safe and efficient procedure. Chiropractic care is non-invasive meaning that the body’s response to this type of care is far more predictable than its reactions to drug treatments or surgical procedures. Research shows that chiropractic care is among the safest care available. The treatments themselves are not painful.

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"Dr. Tim Gooing and all his office staff are wonderful. Staff is friendly and efficient, and Dr. G. is a wonderfully helpful chiro."

— Kay T.



Past Year Chiropractic Patients

95% of past year chiropractic patients say it's effective for them. - Palmer College of Chiropractic, 2016.


Here's 10 reasons why chiropractic adjustments are great!


  1. Pain relief

  2. Better mobility in hips, back and shoulders

  3. Increased energy

  4. Increased motion in neck

  5. Headache relief

  6. Better full body range of motion

  7. Better balance and coordination

  8. Relief from arthritis

  9. Lowered risk of injury

  10. Easier to relax 

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