Drink Water!

I decided our first “Get Healthy!” health tip post should be my number one tip.

I thought long and hard about this one, wrote this article out a couple of times. Now, I’m ready to share it.

Here it is, number 1!

(drum roll…even though you probably already read the title, haha)

Drink water!

Most of us don’t think about how much water we drink in a day.

We drink cups of coffee, cans of LaCroix, bottles of Vitamin Water - so many things instead of plain ‘ol H20, but we are doing ourselves a disservice.

According to CBS news, an average American drinks roughly 34% water for their daily fluid intake. That means for an average American, in every 10 drinks, only 3 are water.

That’s pretty low, if you ask me (or probably anyone that’s health conscious).

A good baseline for an active person is 8-10 glasses of water a day.

There’s many health benefits to drinking enough water. For example, you’ll experience:

  • Increases brain power

  • Provides energy

  • Fat loss

  • Improved sleep

  • Better athletic performance

  • Prevents headaches

  • Improved complexion

Plain and simple, drinking enough water means living a better life!

There’s plenty of apps to remind you to drink water, but instead, I’d like to make a few tech free suggestions that will help you drink more water.

  1. Drink a glass before you brush your teeth in the morning. Most people say drink a glass right when you wake up. That’s great, but for many people, they wake up to phone calls, screaming kids, etc., - the first glass of water is then forgotten! However, what are the odds of anyone not brushing their teeth in the morning? If you drink a glass before your first brush, you’ll get it in every morning.

  2. Drink a glass before you order food. We all know at times, the feeling of hunger can be feelings of dehydration. With a glass of water, we might realize we are actually less hungry than previously thought. This tip is kind of like the “don’t go to the grocery store on an empty stomach” adage we’ve heard before.

  3. Get an easy to carry portable water bottle. If you carry water with you, you’ll be more likely to drink water throughout your day. If you have water all day, you’ll be less likely to buy that afternoon Starbucks or soda with lunch.

  4. Drink a glass before you brush your teeth at night. See #1 for why.

Thanks for reading, this post is our first of many weekly posts on health tips.

As always, feel free to meet with me any day at Mission Hills Chiropractic in Lake Forest, CA and I’d be happy to talk health tips with you :)

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