The best massage in Orange County.


There's nothing better than a great massage.


It's amazing how pain and stress are linked. Massages take care of both at the same time, leaving you feeling much better than before.

Our amazing massage therapists work hard to get people out of pain and out of stress. 

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Here's 10 reasons why massages are great for you!


  1. Headache relief

  2. Muscular tension relief

  3. Better mobility in joints

  4. Increased energy

  5. Arthritic relief

  6. Stress relief

  7. Improved blood circulation

  8. Anxiety relief

  9. Easier to relax

  10. Lowered blood pressure


Let's get better.



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We work with insurance for massage!

Is price the reason that you don't get out of pain and into a massage appointment?

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I love Mission Hills!

"The staff is very helpful and will answer any of your insurance questions or concerns."

— Donna P.


Past Year Massage Patients

89% of past year massage therapy patients say it's effective for reducing pain. - AMTA, 2017.


Massage FAQs


Q: Is massage expensive?

A: We provide effective, low-cost care for a wide range of conditions. We accept most insurance, including Medicare, and will work with clients on arranging payment plans.


Q: Can I get a massage to give as a gift?

A: Absolutely! Just give us a call or book online and let us know that it's a gift and who it's for.


Q: Will my insurance cover massage?

A: It might! We verify insurance for our customers for free - let us know what plan you have and we’ll see if we can use it for your massage.


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