Why Veterans Need Chiropractic Care

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Years of military training, along with physically demanding lifestyles, takes its toll on the bodies of veterans.

During times of service, walking several miles with heavy backpacks and military gear is a routine occurrence in the lives of military personnel. Many veterans have also sustained significant injuries during training drills and during times of combat.

Naturally, as the years go by, and the effects of age sink in, the damage sustained to the veterans’ bodies during service days starts to manifest in several ways.

For many veterans, backaches and joint pains are very frequent. Those with serious underlying injuries may face worse issues, such as restricted mobility or even the inability to move certain body parts. Chiropractic care is almost a necessity in this line of work.

Here are 3 key reasons why Chiropractic care is a must for veterans!

1. Veterans Are Likely to Suffer from Mobility Issues.

Hampered mobility can be debilitating for a veteran who has lived an active and outgoing life throughout his or her career. However, as the damages sustained in the past manifest themselves in the form of restricted mobility, veterans may find it difficult to move around like they used to. They may face problems getting out of bed in the morning, walking, exercising, and performing the simplest of daily activities.

This will go on to have a devastating impact on their mental health as well - they may feel incapacitated and helpless due to restricted mobility.  Chiropractic care can be extremely helpful in this regard. It can help the veteran recover their lost mobility and improve the quality of their life, both mentally and physically.

2. Pain Management

Chiropractic care is extremely effective when it comes to the alleviation of painful symptoms. Veterans are more likely to suffer from chronic pain in their older years as their bodies have been exposed to a strenuous military lifestyle.

Other doctors and physicians would either prescribe addictive medicines to suppress the pain or recommend invasive and expensive surgery, whereas chiropractors will try to locate the root of their issue and fix it through manual manipulation of the spine and corrective exercises and stretches.

Needless to say, correcting physical issues without the use of drugs and surgeries is best.

3. Stress Management

Veterans have seen stressful times throughout their career. The ones returning from areas of conflict are especially prone to suffering from stress-related disorders. As if that wasn’t enough, they now have to deal with issues such as a lack of mobility, a debilitating injury, or the body aches and joint pains - all of these add to the buildup of bodily and mental stress. 

A visit to a chiropractor can put the body back into its natural alignment and stabilize the flow of cerebrospinal fluids, putting the body into its best form to manage stress.

Military veterans have had a physically and mentally taxing life. Once they return to civilian life, they are likely to suffer from a number of issues such as painful symptoms, hampered mobility, and more. Chiropractic care is an excellent solution to these problems, and it doesn’t even require invasive surgeries or addictive medicines.

If you know any veterans or are a veteran yourself, we can help! We are on the Long Beach Veteran Affairs' list of approved practices for chiropractic care - veterans need referrals from the VA to get covered treatments - they can be referred directly to us.

Feel free to request an appointment on our website or call us any time at 949-586-8525 and we’ll get you taken care of.

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