3 Healthy Ways to Get Energy Right Now!

Enjoy this “Get Healthy!” article from your local Lake Forest chiropractor, Dr. Craig Stutzman.

It’s Monday and I’m sure a few of us could use a bit of extra energy.

Many of us will go for candy, soda, coffee and other quick food fixes for energy, but those choices will lead to energy crashes in the afternoon.

Here are 3 ways that you can get more energy with no energy crash later in the day.

You can do each method in 5 minutes.

1. Rest.

It might seem counterintuitive, but meditation (or resting, resting your eyes, whatever you would like to call it) will give you more energy. Guaranteed.

Many of us are mentally tired. Many of our minds are restless, always thinking about issues and possible scenarios once the day starts. Constant thinking is mentally draining.

Many of us lose energy because our eyes are tired. We stare at computer screens, in offices, under bright florescent lights for hours. Constant visual stimulation strains the eyes and makes focusing throughout the day more difficult.

There is a way to fix these things. Rest.

Wherever you are, set a timer for 5 minutes, close your eyes and relax. Try to count your breaths if you are finding it difficult to relax.

2. Help your spine.

  • A chiropractic adjustment

  • 5 minutes of stretching

  • A light yoga session

  • Strength training at the gym with proper form

All of the bullet points above are ways that you can make your spine healthier.

A healthy body is one with more energy. The healthier your spine is, the more natural energy you will enjoy.

And with that, nothing is better for your spine than a chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractors are spinal experts and are trained to examine and correct the spine.

When your spine is in proper alignment, your vertebrae are in place and working properly, sending signals quickly and with more regularity from the brain to the body and back. The more easily your brain can communicate with your body, the better your body will function and the more energy you will have.

Examination and correction from an expert is the best way to help your spine.

Make an appointment to get a quick, 5 minute chiropractic adjustment. Your chiropractor should also give you tips on your personal diet needs, exercise needs & more for the week during that time. It’s a great investment of 5 minutes of your time. Check to see if your insurance covers your adjustments and if not, what payment or insurance options are available.

3. Eat sweet fruits & drink water.

Don’t go for that cup of coffee if you are feeling tired right now.

Instead, choose a glass of water and some sweet fruit, like apples or mangoes.

  1. Energy is often low because of low hydration, nothing rehydrates like pure water.

  2. The fiber from the fruit will leaving you feeling more satisfied internally than coffee or pastries.

  3. You won’t have an energy crash after eating natural sugars. There’s no need to worry about feeling lousy 3 hours after a banana.

Eat an apple with honey and drink a glass of water. After 5 minutes, I guarantee that will feel your energy has increased.

Thanks for reading these tips, I hope they help you find some more energy today!

Stop by at Mission Hills Chiropractic in Lake Forest, CA, and we can talk energy, recovery, health tips and much more.

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