5 Times Athletes Need Chiropractic Care!

There are plenty of reasons why Orange County & Mission Viejo residents seek us out, but for athletes, a healthy chiropractic routine can be the difference between performance failure and success. Read on to find out when athletes are most at risk and why athletes should seek out our care.


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Chiropractic care (NHS) is a complementary and alternative medicine that allows pain relief for bones, muscles, joints, and other musculoskeletal disorders. We specialize in manipulating the alignment of the muscles, bones, and spinal column to provide optimal function, pain relief and to boost the bodies ability to heal itself. To learn more about how chiropractors like ourselves work, check out this article from Harvard Health.

Otherwise, let's delve into the top 5 reasons athletes come to see us for chiropractic care.


The 5 Times When Athletes NEED Chiropractic Care!

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Number 1 – Before You Begin Training

A chiropractor should be sought out as soon as you decide that you will take part in a major athletic event. If you are planning on running a marathon, if you want to compete professionally, or if you plan to start a new routine, then seeking out a great chiropractor is precisely what you need to do, right now!

Why? Seeking out a chiropractor for a few sessions helps to protect your body from injury. There have been various studies into the efficacy of chiropractic care for not only preventing damage when used on a long-term basis, but also for being a vital tool for improved athletic performance. Literature from the National Library of Medicine cites various papers which all come to a similar conclusion; that athletes perform better when they receive chiropractic care.

Therefore, a chiropractor can both set you up for training, prepare you against injury, and manipulate your muscles and skeleton until it is working at its best. These benefits will make all the training you do easier!


Number 2 – Intermittently Throughout Training

Seek out your chiropractor regularly as part of a healthy training regime. As mentioned above, chiropractic care can prevent small injuries and keep you in tip-top shape while your muscles grow and learn. According to the Palmer School of Chiropractic Care, athletes often seek out care during their training. For professionals, it helps them to wring every bit of speed and endurance they can get from their bodies. Studies show that an estimated 90% of all the top-rated athletes on the globe seek chiropractic care throughout their training!


Number 3 – When Athletes Get Injured

When athletes in Orange County get injured, they don't just have sports therapists and doctors on hand to treat them – they also need their chiropractor! The benefits of chiropractic care include improved healing and recovery times from sports-related injury, as well as protecting the joints, bones, and muscles against it in the first place.

Chiropractic treatment is also an excellent way to treat pain caused by an injury without the use of invasive therapies, which may ultimately make things worse. Would it surprise you to learn that most NFL teams have a chiropractor on standby, just for this reason? This Journal entry from 2017 gives evidence to support the effect of spinal manipulation on both the range of motion and the pain an athlete endures from injury.


Number 4 – Before the Big Event

So, once you have completed the training and have worked your hardest to get where you need to be – you should call your chiropractor and book one last appointment before the big event. Why? Spinal alignment can unlock some muscle groups, stop your joints or limbs from cramping up and can even increase the range of flexibility and motion that you do have. These improvements might be just enough to give you competitive edge sufficient to win that contest, beat the competition and take home the trophy.


Number 5 – After That Win, Lose or Draw!

After the competition is over and the celebrations are finished, you should visit your chiropractor. The aggressive pushing of your body during competition puts more strain on your muscles and skeleton than ever before. According to this article by the Global Healing Center, around two percent of pro athletes could be left with a hernia from the straining of pushing hard. Don't let this be you – seek out Chiropractic care once your event has finished and make sure you live to fight another day! 

Besides the ability to soothe out any injuries you might have run up through your hard day at the office, chiropractic treatment can also speed up your bodies ability to heal itself.

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