Don't Wait to Get Care When In Pain!

My last “Get Healthy!” post was about New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s a quick summary if you didn’t get a chance to read it:

  1. If you are in pain, your one and only New Year’s Resolution should be to get and stay out of pain.

  2. If you are in pain now, self-care is the way out.

I wanted to make this post a follow-up to that one. Here’s a quick summary of what you’re about to read:

If you are in pain, don’t wait to get care, pushing through will make the pain worse!

We all want to be tough. Not many of us take time to care for ourselves. But that’s exactly what we all need, especially when we’re in pain - care.

Whenever there’s pain, there is a cause that needs to be addressed. If the cause isn’t addressed, the problem gets worse and so does the pain.

Think about something like a broken arm. If your arm is broken and you keep using it, the break will get worse. If you treat it properly and give it proper rest, it will be fixed over time and work again. 

My advice: if you’re in pain right now, make an appointment to see your physician. That physician will diagnose your pain, run tests, scans, basically administer things that you need to address and correct your problem.

Remember, don’t wait to get care when you’re in pain. Waiting and pushing through pain will make whatever’s causing it worse.

Make an appointment to see your physician and take care of yourself. That’s how you get out of pain.

I’m copy / pasting my 7 simple self-care tips here from my last article, just for easy reference.

  1. Drink water!

  2. Cut out the sugars and processed foods, stick to eating organic foods.

  3. Sleep.

  4. Meditate.

  5. Yoga. (depending on injuries, etc)

  6. Regular chiropractic adjustments.

  7. Massage.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to meet with me any day at Mission Hills Chiropractic in Lake Forest, CA - I’d be happy to talk about pain management, health tips and more :)

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