Ear Infection? See A Chiropractor!

I have treated a lot of people for ear infections over the years. Still, most don’t know how chiropractic care works as a remedy for ear infections.

To put it simply, a chiropractic adjustment puts the skeleton back in alignment. Many ear infections happen because misalignments in the skeleton (or subluxations) can cause soreness in the ear and fluid in the ear to not drain.

Now of course, there’s much more to this - adjustments restore proper central nervous system function, which allows the body to do things like drain ear fluid, particularly the Eustachian tube, at normal capacity, etc., but a nice and simple way to think about it is:

Subluxation blocks fluid and normal ear function. Fluid builds up, ear pain is felt.

In my many years of chiropractic care, I’ve found that all people, regardless of age, respond well to chiropractic adjustments for ear infection treatment.

However, I’ve found children respond extremely well.

In a study published by PubMed.gov, 46 children with ear infections were treated with chiropractic care. Here were the results:


93% of all episodes improved, 75% in 10 days or fewer and 43% with only one or two treatments.

93% improvement! Not many over the counter medicines have that kind of a percentage of improvement, that’s for sure.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather my children have a natural, drug-free adjustment with a 93% improvement rate to treat their ear infection over anything else.

If I can leave you with one last point, it’s this:

If you have or know someone (of any age) who has an ear infection, see a chiropractor!

As always, feel free to meet with me any day at Mission Hills Chiropractic in Lake Forest, CA, near Mission Viejo, and I’d be happy to talk health tips with you :)

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