Chiropractic Care & Winning The Super Bowl!

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Every professional football team in America utilizes chiropractic care.

EVERY SINGLE ONE! 32 out of 32 teams trust chiropractors to adjust their athletes and get them back onto the field in the best condition possible.

It makes sense, these athletes are prone to subluxations and trauma that require the right treatment and therapy.

As long as I see the chiropractor, I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game.

- Tom Brady

The New England Patriots have had a team chiropractor for over 30 years, Dr. Mike Miller - the players and staff of this team, including quarterback Tom Brady, feel that Dr. Miller’s work is a crucial part of their success.

Success that includes winning this year’s Super Bowl.

Chiropractic enhanced the performance of our players by allowing them to play at maximum efficiency and play through the postseason with no injuries.

- Dr. Mike Miller, Chiropractor of the New England Patriots

  1. Just like Dr. Miller said, chiropractic care helped the Patriots get through the playoffs with no injuries! Regular chiropractic adjustments for the Patriots helped solve musculoskeletal trauma and subluxations caused by gameplay, issues that would have continued to worsen if not treated. Injury free players perform better than hurt players, simple as that.

  2. Dr. Miller brings up another great point, chiropractic care helps the players play not only with minimum pain, but at maximum efficiency as well! Athletes need to make sure they eat right, sleep well, drink plenty of water - all things that allow the body to perform at its best. In Dr. Miller’s opinion, part of making the body perform at its best includes regular chiropractic care. I completely agree.

Plain and simple, if you or someone you know plays football, they should see a chiropractor.

The champions do.

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