Sciatica Pain and How to Fix It!

When something injures or pressures the sciatic nerve, pain radiates through the lower back, hips, glutes, legs and feet.

This type of pain can be truly debilitating.

It’s a common problem I’ve seen many people for over the years and I’m going to give you a couple of tips in case you or a loved one is going through sciatica pain.

1. See your physician!

Lower back pain can be caused by many things.

Overly tight muscles. Weak hip flexors. Damage to bones that caused bad posture over years, putting pressure on different discs and nerves.

Remedies for causes of back pain are all different and all have different effects. A stretch that helps with one type of cause might make another type worse!

This tells us that self-diagnosis and treatment of low back pain is a bad way to go!

Only a trained physician can properly diagnose your issue with proper testing and technology. You can save yourself many months and even years of pain and failed self-treatment by something as simple as getting an 10 minute X-Ray done.

Once diagnosed properly, your physician should give you a rehabilitation guideline, like how much you should be exercising, stretching, etc.

When you get that plan, follow that plan.

*If you simply will not see a physician, stretch (but stretch lightly!) and then go see a physician!

2. Observe and rest.

Very simply put, regardless of whether or not your back pain is truly a case of sciatic nerve damage, an injury to other back muscles, whatever it may be - your body is telling you that you’re hurt and when you’re hurt, you need to rest.

At this point, you should know to make an appointment with your physician. This is the person that can properly diagnose your injury and rehabilitation, like what exercises and stretches to do and avoid, etc.

With that said, any good physician is going to recommend no strenuous physical activity and to listen to your body.

Your body is a healing machine, but it can’t heal while it’s working. When it’s working, muscle fibers are being damaged. The body is in use and must recover.

If your body already needs to recover, don’t put additional strain on it.

Thanks for reading these tips - I truly hope they help you or someone you love fix their sciatica pain!

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